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In this series I post pictures (sometimes random, sometimes with a theme) to give you a little view into some of the things I see along the way. It may not necessarily be worth doing a whole write up about each photo, but I feel it is interesting to share nonetheless. Three Line Slipper Blues Exhibition @ Three Kings Monument, Read More

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Don’t Just Look At It! To simply walk by and ignore the street food in Bangkok on the way to a restaurant would be to cheat yourself of some of the most authentic and satisfying dishes the City of Angels has to offer. The food is made daily with fresh ingredients, right before your eyes, typically, Read More

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Go For The History, Architecture & Art From ancient lore, to a once populated by officials operation point, The Grand Palace was well worth the half-day visit. From 1782 to 1925 the Grand Palace served as the residence for the Kings of Thailand (Siam at the time). This immense complex of temples and buildings spans over 218,000, Read More

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“Be Careful” They All Said Upon hearing about my plans to travel, friends and family all had the same response: Be Careful. I get it. They care. Be safe. Come back alive. etc. etc., but the general idea I got from these responses was “don’t wander off into the wrong place”. Well what am, Read More