In this series I post pictures (sometimes random, sometimes with a theme) to give you a little view into some of the things I see along the way. It may not necessarily be worth doing a whole write up about each photo, but I feel it is interesting to share nonetheless.

Three Line Slipper Blues Exhibition @ Three Kings Monument

02 - art shoes

Korean native Seok-Jin Kim explores the nation’s obsession with these shoes that copy a famous clothing brand. Sought after by students, Kim shows how the Korean education system has only ever been a copy of curriculums from other parts of the world, with little to no systematic regulation by policy makers. It’s an interesting read. If you’d like to know more about it click the title above the picture.

Locals Praying
05 - buddha locals pray

05 - buddha dont fight with family

Here the Buddha’s position is called: The Presiding Buddha. It is meant to prevent relatives from fighting and serves as a daily reminder to those that live here or have this Buddha statue at home.

05 0- temple details

As mentioned before about the Grand Palace, the attention to detail is mesmerizing. I personally saw the locals working on these designs by hand! This column alone must have taken days!

Wat Chedi Luang

06 - chedi 07 - chedi 08 - chedi

By far one of my favourite temples I’ve seen as of that moment. No gold, nothing shiny; just ruin. It was built in 1441 and was, at the time, the tallest structure of ancient Chiang Mai. Now, Over 570 years later, you can see how time as unapologetically stripped it apart, bit by bit. Many of the elephant structures no longer stand along the outside. The steep steps that once lead up to the Emerald Buddha are now eroded and it looks more like a big slide than a staircase.

Monk Leaving A Temple

04 - monk

Ancient Structures

02 - kodak relic

I’ll let you fill in the blank here.

 Sunset On The Way Home

09 - sunset 10 - sunset

The wire control in Thailand is scary. This picture isn’t nearly as bad as some that I’ve seen. It’s looks like a three year old was told to clean up all the string they had on the floor so they grabbed a stick and just kept wrapping the string around it.


That’s it for this update. Thanks for reading/looking!

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